Clarity. Speed. Reliability.


Altus Communications, Inc. provides a complete foundation for comprehensive telecommunications services. Our wide range of private-label offerings include secure data transport, Broadband ISP, and VoIP, and we do it all through a single network operations center. The synergy offered under this configuration allows our partners to create seamless telecom networks and to deliver superior products and services to their customers.


We encourage our partners to bundle services, as the benefit to them is maximized when they utilize our services as a whole. Drawing upon Altus' expertise as a single private-label carrier rather than utilizing multiple outside vendors reduces risk, creates savings, and offers unlimited convenience.


We think you will agree: Our comprehensive, private-label telecommunications products and services, offered through our three divisions, result in endless possibilities and extensive solutions. And, because we believe in adjusting to meet the needs of our customers and their clients, as well as the telecom market as a whole, chances are that if you don't see what you need among our list of offerings, we can build it for you.


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