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Altus Communications, Inc.
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Providing the foundation for next-generation telecommunications services.


Altus Communications, Inc., is the premier provider of private-label telecommunications services, creating the elements and solid foundations necessary to compete in today's telecommunications industry. Our products and services are deployed around the globe by value added resellers, system integrators, telecommunications providers, and other entities. Our experience, capabilities, and infrastructure serve as a foundation that allows our partners to offer the most reliable current and next-generation telecommunications solutions to their customers. Altus' service portfolio includes high-capacity data transport, standard and custom VoIP services, and ISP services for a variety of environments.


As a private-label provider, Altus' facilities enable individuals, start-ups, and existing companies to take their envisioned products from the drawing board to the marketplace in days rather than years, and with minimal capital outlays, allowing for an almost immediately profitable service and a faster return on investment. All of Altus' products and services are guaranteed, and are backed by end-to-end support and superior customer service.